BCG GAMMA’s Andrea Gallego Named “AI Visionary” by Forbes

In Forbes, BCG GAMMA’s Andrea Gallego is recognized as “one of the most influential, inspirational, and brilliant minds of our times.” She discusses the importance of diversity in artificial intelligence, the future of quantum computing, and which AI trends will have the most significant impact on business and society in the years to come. Gallego also details her efforts to further women-led digital initiatives at BCG and offers advice for women entering the field. “What makes technology beautiful,” she says, “is being creative, designing art, and making it accessible and usable to the entire population.”


How Business Leaders Can Turn ESG into a Competitive Edge—and a Calling

In Fortune, BCG’s Rich Hutchinson and Marjolein Cuellar and BCG BrightHouse’s Maggie Schear discuss how ESG issues are rising on the corporate agenda—and why failure to build environmental and social impact into strategic decision-making and company culture can be a liability for organizations. They detail four steps to help companies chart a path towards “Authentic ESG,” including finding a clear and compelling purpose. “Study after study shows that purpose and ESG are not distractions; they are key to long-term performance,” they write.

Financial Times

Polish Plea for Other States to Assist the Refugee Effort

In a letter to the Financial Times, BCG’s Oktawian Zając writes about the extraordinary efforts of the Polish business community and citizens to support millions of Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country. Amid concerns that Poland will not be able to handle the influx of people, Zając notes that managing this crisis will depend on the country’s ability to sustain a short-term humanitarian response while building long-term, sustainable support programs for dislocated families. “I call on business leaders in every country to play their part to answer that challenge,” he says.

ABC Australia

When Will Electric Cars Be More Affordable?

In conversation with ABC Australia, BCG’s James Tilbury elaborates on the shifting economics that are causing more consumers to finally take a chance on electric vehicles (EVs). A BCG analysis identified that some luxury EVs have already reached parity for total cost of ownership with traditional cars, but Tilbury asserts that this does not necessarily indicate that there will be an increase in EV purchases. “Total cost of ownership parity won’t be enough to spur rapid uptake—there are various other factors like convenience that play a big role,” he says.

The Wall Street Journal

How Addressing Climate Change Could Affect Key Sectors

In The Wall Street Journal, BCG’s Jens Burchardt discusses the current technologies that could help keep climate change in check and how the transition to net zero could affect the global economy. He states that the current barriers to rapid decarbonization are primarily political and economic rather than technological. “Our understanding of what is actually needed, sector by sector, to address this challenge, improves over time,” Burchardt says.


Do Consumers Know Where Their Food Comes From?

In conversation with the BBC, BCG’s Shalini Unnikrishnan discusses the use of blockchain technology to track food as it moves from farm to consumer. She explains how customers can use tracing technologies to gain more insight into sustainable food production practices. According to Unnikrishnan, consumers are increasingly willing to change their food-shopping habits for more sustainable products, including paying more money for certain items.

Australian Financial Review

Shifting from E-Commerce to Virtual Commerce

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, BCG’s Sarah Willersdorf discusses the opportunities for new revenue and marketing streams in the luxury metaverse. She advises companies in the fashion, beauty, and fast-food sectors to start monitoring and experimenting with the new virtual world. “What this represents is new ways to shop, new ways to engage, and new ways to build communities,” Willersdorf says.


The Keys to Driving Lasting Change

In her column for Forbes, Deborah Lovich shares what she has learned from her experiences working on large-scale change initiatives for BCG, and identifies four requirements for successful change. “These unprecedented times require organizations to respond and change rapidly,” Lovich writes. “If we want the changes to accomplish the intended goals (ideally, ahead of schedule and under budget) and endure, we need to approach change robustly—even when moving quickly.”

Bloomberg TV

Reinventing Gender Diversity Programs Post-Pandemic

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, BCG’s Gabrielle Novacek discusses the importance of reframing the approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion for a post-pandemic world and addressing the needs and motivations of women in the workforce. “Many companies solve for the functional side – they get out the better pay, the maternity leave,” she says. “They often neglect the more emotional in nature – the need to feel respected, valued, and more secure. And that’s where the hard work starts to kick in.”


BCG and SAP Team Up to Help Build More Sustainable Companies

BCG and SAP announce a partnership to help companies reinvent their business strategies and accelerate plans to reduce carbon emissions, writes Reuters. Most companies, despite the push from policymakers, have been unable to get a grip on the environmental impact of their supply chains. But, as BCG CEO Christoph Schweizer notes, “Companies acting first on climate could achieve up to 15 years of competitive advantage and a share price premium of 10%.”

The Wall Street Journal

Corporate Venture Investors Boost Climate-Tech Spending

BCG Digital Ventures’ Stefan Gross-Selbeck tells The Wall Street Journal that corporate venture funds are investing billions in climate-technology startups, revealing the pressure on companies to show commitment to their carbon-reduction goals. Calls for climate action from big investors, says Gross-Selbeck, have shown that “there’s a risk of not being funded anymore if they don’t develop a kind of sustainability strategy.” Venture investing is one way to take action.


Empathy (and Relief) for the Leader

In her column for Forbes, BCG’s Deborah Lovich discusses why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to “groom” CEOs and business leaders. She notes that today’s leaders can feel overwhelmed due to the expansive list of priorities they must consider, and that it might be time for “top-down” leadership to give way to more “generative leadership.” “Generative leadership cannot be delivered by individuals; it requires diverse leadership teams,” writes Lovich. “No single individual can do it all.”


Women Leaders in AI Shaping the 21st Century

Forbes names Andrea Gallego, BCG GAMMA’s global chief technology officer, as one of the nine most inspirational women leaders in artificial intelligence. A visionary in the industry, she encourages women to look at all aspects of technology, beyond computer science. “Women are doing amazing work in combining the arts, design, and STEM fields to make technology effective and accessible to the world,” says Gallego. “Find a field that really interests you and discover how it applies to technology. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!”