BCG in the 2020s

While still in the early years, this is a decade for the history books. BCG has continued to grow and invest in its talent and in its relationships with clients while navigating a highly turbulent time in the world. The start of the decade saw a global pandemic, racial injustice crises, geopolitical tensions, and the outbreak of a war in Ukraine. The macroeconomic conditions fueled uncertainty and risk. Despite the global context, BCG saw strong demand for its strategic, sustainability, and digital expertise.

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic required groundwork for a new reality, accelerating decades of change. Clients turned to BCG to help them reimagine how to operate, stay resilient, and unlock advantage. The holistic One BCG approach—pairing the firm’s deep sector insights with differentiated offers, assets, and capabilities to help organizations drive rapidly from strategy to outcomes, end-to-end—proved to be a success.

In October 2021, after nine years as CEO, Rich Lesser passed the baton to Christoph Schweizer. Under its new CEO, BCG continued to grow and transform its business model and operating structure to meet the needs of the market. The firm simplified its structure and doubled down on its commitment to growth areas, launching new practice areas and BCG X. BCG X brought together the technologists, data scientists, programmers, engineers, and human-centered designers from Gamma, Digital Ventures, and Platinion into a single tech, build, and design unit to deliver coordinated value for clients.

BCG also took a leading position during some of the world’s critical inflection points, from its work to accelerate Covid relief, the launch of a US DEI report and a global sustainability report, the withdrawal from operations in Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, and setting some of the most ambitious carbon reduction targets in the industry. BCG continued to occupy a key seat at the table, partnering with the UN (as exclusive consultancy partners for COP), the WEF, MLT, and other organizations to drive the agenda on climate and sustainability; responsible AI; diversity, equity, and inclusion; Covid recovery; support for Ukraine; and more.

In a highly dynamic talent market, BCG has continued to invest in its people and its employee value proposition, known as its “people promise.” Elements include Teaming@BCG, which builds on the firm’s world-renowned PTO model and next-gen ways of working. With thousands of new joiners and the need to reconnect following pandemic restrictions, BCG has had to reimagine how to affiliate and continue to spread its unique culture. BCG’s 60th anniversary in 2023 is an opportunity to honor the firm’s history and heritage, celebrate the impact it has had on the world, and position itself for the future.

BCG Books Published in the 2020s

BCG’s Growth in the 2020s

So far this decade, BCG has more than 30,000 employees and more than 100 offices in over 50 countries.