Alexandre Miannay joined Boston Consulting Group in 2005, working in the Paris and Moscow offices before transferring to the Tokyo office in 2015. He is a core member of BCG’s automotive sector, Marketing, Sales and Pricing practice, and Global Advantage practice.

Since joining the firm, Alexandre has led various large-scale turnaround and global performance improvement projects, as well as company-wide digital transformations. His automotive experience spans the entire value chain, including formulating a strategy for mobility, connectivity, and self-driving vehicles; implementing commercial and after-sales performance plans; and reorganizing the engineering, manufacturing, and purchasing functions.

He has worked on digital innovation via new ventures in automotive and developed a strategic plan for the premium brand of a global automotive OEM.

Alexandre has also worked with Japanese corporations and foreign multinationals on an array of globalization-related topics. He has spent four years working in Russia and satellite countries, and has worked in most of the world's emerging markets.


  • Master’s degree, industrial engineering, École Centrale Paris