Assaf Tayar is a founding member of Boston Consulting Group’s deep technology strategy and transformation business, BCG Platinion, in Western Europe and South America.

Assaf has been instrumental in building BCG’s technology capability in IT architecture, ERP, cloud, and emerging technologies. At the start of 2022, Assaf took on an EMESA (Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa) commercial build role for BCG Platinion, working closely with regional, global, and industry leaders on the growth strategy for BCG’s technology business. This work drove the firm’s recruiting efforts to match market share ambition.

More recently, Assaf was appointed BCG’s LAB (London, Amsterdam, and Brussels) system coleader for BCG’s Technology & Digital Advantage practice, helping clients deliver competitive advantage and superior performance through the use of data, technology, and digital.


  • Civil engineer, KUL University, Leuven
  • Master’s in Management, IAG, UCL, Louvain-La-Neuve