Bailey Hand is a leader in Boston Consulting Group’s Australia and New Zealand Public Sector practice having started her BCG career in Washington, DC. She joined BCG following a ten-year career at the US Department of Defense. Bailey’s current areas of interest and expertise are organizational management, leadership and reform for defense organizations, climate action in government, and addressing intergenerational disadvantage and poverty.

Her recent client work includes organizational performance review of a government department responsible for large capital program management, implementation of a cross-government reform agenda, digital reimagination of government recruiting, digital strategy development for a large government agency, redesign and change management for government employment services, government contingency-planning for vulnerable populations during COVID response, development of a new policy agenda to break intergenerational disadvantage, and the development of local industry as part of a major government investment.

Prior to joining BCG, Bailey was a Special Assistant to the US Secretary of Defense providing support in strategic budget decision making, national security strategy formulation and execution, organizational transformation, and crisis management. She has spent significant time in the field, particularly Afghanistan, improving strategic and operational planning, assessment, and interagency/intergovernmental collaboration.