Christian Gabe is COO for Boston Consulting Group in the Nordics, as well as a leading member of BCG Platinion. Platinion is a seamlessly integrated part of the Boston Consulting Group network, providing consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and digital solutions. His current focus is leading and developing the Nordics from a client and talent perspective.

Christian is an expert on IT management; IT assessment; evaluation and optimization of IT processes, structures, and architectures; and large-scale project management. Recently, he created transparency in the IT program portfolio for a leading global shipping company and developed the IT strategy for a leading industrial player. He also works with clients on digital vision and customer journey.

Christian has strong experience in both the financial services industry where he has worked on most IT strategic topics in banking, and also in the consumer industry, where he held a position as CIO at a listed Nordic consumer goods player and conducted numerous projects in the industry. He previously worked at Accenture, Deloitte, and Codan.