Christoph Brack is a core member of the Risk Team of the Financial Institutions practice and the European Compliance Task Force at Boston Consulting Group. He joined the Cologne office of BCG in 2005 and rejoined in April 2019 after working in the interim for more than nine years as global head of Non-Financial Risk Management and global head of Central Compliance at a major European universal bank, most recently as a managing director.

Christoph is an expert in risk and regulatory compliance. He has longstanding professional experience in the successful steering of compliance enforcement actions, following Deferred Prosecution Agreements in the US. He leads projects in the financial services sector on topics including compliance, non-financial risk management, operational risk strategy, risk governance, and internal control systems. He has many years of experience in the design and global implementation of robust and state-of-the-art compliance target operating models across all three lines of defense; the implementation and surveillance of cross-topic compliance topics such as implementation of a robust data-driven compliance risk assessment that meets US and international regulatory requirements and industry standards; design and rollout of a consistent, group-wide reporting of compliance risks; enhancement of compliance training framework to streamline and strengthen bank-wide compliance training efforts; and implementation of global compliance programs for anti-bribery and corruption, the prevention of facilitation of tax evasion and fraud prevention.



  • Compliance Management Studies, Executive School of Management, Technology and Law, University St. Gallen
  • Graduate of Business Administration, University of Cologne
  • MBA, Eastern Illinois University
  • Exchange Program, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad


  • Scholar of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation
  • Scholar of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
  • Scholar of the Heinz-Ansmann-Foundation for the best banking diploma thesis