David Edelman spent over 30 years as a chief marketing officer at Aetna and CVS, as well as building consultancy businesses in digital and marketing transformation while with McKinsey & Company, Digitas, and the Boston Consulting Group. He now teaches marketing at Harvard Business School and serves as an advisor to top executives in startups, private equity, and larger enterprises. Having driven large-scale change from both the client and client-service side, he is well-suited to help CXO's shape their strategic direction, build their teams' capabilities, and become more digitally agile.

Before his years as a CMO, for eight years, David co-led McKinsey & Company's Global Digital Marketing and Sales Practice and served as Chief Marketing Officer for McKinsey's Marketing and Sales Practice. Prior to McKinsey, he was Executive Vice President for strategy and analysis at Digitas, and earlier was a partner with BCG. He speaks frequently at industry conferences and events, and blogs on topics ranging from digital marketing to the customer decision journey. He is a co-author of the recent Harvard Business School article, CX in the Age of AI.