Dominic Veken is a managing director of BrightHouse, a Boston Consulting Group company. BrightHouse is a global creative consultancy that pioneered the practice of helping organizations uncover their timeless purpose to grow their people, profits, and social impact.

Dominic has been with BrightHouse since October 2018. He previously worked as a corporate philosopher and strategy consultant for a wide range of national and international clients. He has over ten years of corporate and cultural change experience from working with more than 50 companies on development and implementation of internal concerns and mobilization for customers.

Before Dominic started at BrightHouse, he was managing partner and head of strategy at the creative agency Kolle Rebbe. Besides various other clients, he advised Angela Merkel and the CDU on the campaign for the German federal elections in 2009.

He is the author of two books ("The Purpose of the Company – What Do We Actually Work For?" and " From Now on Enthusiasm – The Future Belongs to the Idealists") and various articles on these topics.

Dominic has received dozens of awards for communication and has taught corporate philosophy at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen and at the University of the Arts in Berlin.


  • Free University of Berlin
  • J.W.Goethe-Universität Frankfurt