Filippo Agnoli is a core member of the Principal Investors & Private Equity (PIPE) and Insurance practices at Boston Consulting Group. Filippo initially worked at BCG as a Principal from 2007 to 2011, and rejoined the firm in 2017. Since 2019 he has led the Insurance practice for Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Israel. 

In the private equity field, Filippo developed a profound, multi-year experience in leading large-scale transformations of portfolio companies supporting some of the leading international funds. He has worked in a variety of industries, including payments and industrial B2B, services, and in several European countries. He has also led multiple cases on the transactions side (commercial and vendor due diligences). 

In the insurance field, Filippo has supported many of the leading European players in different markets, focusing on broad strategic plans (company and line of business strategy), distribution, efficiency and operating model. 

Previously Filippo was a Partner at Bain & Company where he worked in the offices of Moscow and Copenhagen.