Gautham Krishnan is a core member of The Boston Consulting Group’s Financial Institutions and Technology Advantage practice areas. He has worked extensively with financial industry clients on customer journeys, digital transformations, and business building programs. During his years at the firm, Gautham has worked in multiple BCG offices across the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of his recent experiences include leading a large scale digital transformation for a large Australian Bank (digital customer journeys and management of the transformation office), and leading a large-scale digital customer journey transformation program for an Asian private sector bank (digital redesign of over ten customer journeys across various banks, reimagined customer experience). He has also developed and rolled out digital tools for bank sales forces around key products, such as savings accounts and credit cards. Gautham has developed several digital tools and platforms for banks that have increased productivity significantly.

Prior to joining BCG, Gautham worked with Maruti Suzuki at their Gurgaon plant.


  • MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Bachelor’s in Technology (production engineering), National Institute of Technology, Trichy