H.R. Shiever joined Boston Consulting Group in October 2018. He is a core member of Platinion, a division of BCG providing IT consulting services focused on the development and implementation of business-critical IT architecture and solutions. H.R. is a leader in the firm’s digital products team for North America and leads Platinion experts in product management, design, and engineering to deliver innovative digital products and services that are grounded in human-centered design and Agile ways of working and embrace iterative, rapid prototyping and user feedback to realize digital MVPs that deliver value to users and clients.

In his recent work for the firm, H.R. led the technical team that delivered data and infrastructure foundations and UX/UI designs for a Factory of the Future initiative for a large global conglomerate. He recently led the technical teams for a COVID response strategy for a US state government. He also led a team that envisioned new digital product offerings and renovated e-commerce journeys for a large Indian telco. Before joining BCG, H.R. was COO, CRO, and cofounder of BizCoach by ImpalaCloud, a plug-and-play data analytics app that creates business insights for SMEs based on their own data.