Kaori Uehigashi is the Managing Partner of Boston Consulting Group’s Helsinki office. Kaori specializes in large capex project management (LCPM) and coleads the topic globally. Kaori is also part of the Infrastructure leadership team.

Within the LCPM topic, Kaori has deep expertise in project execution and recovery – including risk management, re-baselining, and setting up large capital programs for success through robust execution strategy and plans and revamped project governance with (digital) situation rooms.

During her time at BCG, Kaori has worked on large capital projects across different industries including shipbuilding, mining, energy and power, and infrastructure. Her projects have been in places including Australia, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, the Nordics, and Southern Europe.

Kaori is fluent in Finnish, English, and Japanese.

Before joining the firm, Kaori worked for KONE Elevators & Escalators in Japan.


  • MSc, industrial engineering and management, Helsinki University of Technology