Matías Raby is a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Industrial Goods and Operations practices with extensive experience in digital operations, productivity improvements, and cost and organization efficiency programs in the mining industry.

Matías works frequently with clients in the copper mining industry on strategy and operations, especially on applying analytics in operations to improve business decisions.

Matías joined the firm in 2012 and was a BCG Ambassador in Sydney in 2016 and 2017. He currently serves as the recruiting director for associates in Santiago.

Before joining BCG, Matías was an officer in the Chilean Navy, where he served for ten years, managing shipboard divisions, leading small-boat boarding teams, and participating with foreign militaries in global operations.


  • MSc, engineering and management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • MSc, technology and policy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BS, naval engineering, maximum distinction, Chilean Naval Academy


  • Decorations, President of Chile, 2000 and 2006
  • Outstanding Service and Contributions Medal, Chilean Navy, 2001-2010
  • Achievement Medal for Outstanding Service, US Navy, 2007
  • College of Engineers of Chile award, 2006