Rainer Schuster is a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Center for Digital in Industrials. He is an expert in digital transformation and focuses on helping companies define the future platform for their value chain.

Since joining BCG in 2007, Rainer has worked extensively with clients in the Industrial Goods practice, helping them address key issues related to technology and corporate development. He has led numerous engagements focused on commercial transformation, pricing strategy, supply chain optimization, and cost reduction through purchasing, engineering, and lean administration.

Rainer is particularly skilled in evaluating digital levers along the complex value chains of industrial goods companies. He has helped clients identify areas for digitalization and disruptive business opportunities and has conducted comprehensive digital transformations along supply chains to transform pricing approaches. In addition, Rainer has advised companies on buy-side and vendor commercial due diligence, market entry, and the post-merger redefinition of business models.

Before joining BCG, Rainer was an instructor in analysis at the University Regensburg, and he did internships at BMW in Germany and BMW Brilliance Automotive in Beijing.


  • Diploma, physics, University of Regensburg