Ravi Hanspal has been with Boston Consulting Group since 2013. He is a core member of the Financial Institutions practice at the firm and has extensive experience in wholesale banking in the UK and globally (including SME, commercial/corporate, and wholesale transaction banking), as well as asset and wealth management in the UK. Ravi’s areas of focus within these topics include strategy, sales effectiveness and pricing, digital enablement (including fintech partnerships), digital ecosystems and platforms, technology, operations, and delivering large-scale change.

Ravi is one of BCG’s leading experts in trade and supply chain finance. He has worked with banks and other financial institutions globally on the topic for over ten years. Ravi runs BCG's Global Trade Model for forecasting market dynamics in global trade, and its associated finance products.

In addition, since 2016, Ravi has been a coauthor of the International Chamber of Commerce's Trade Register Report focusing on market trends and credit risk environment in global trade. Ravi also co-leads a program for the International Chamber of Commerce and more than 30 banks on developing guiding principles to accelerate sustainable trade and supply chains. The program is showcased each year at the UN Climate Change Conference.