Robert Derow is Boston Consulting Group’s North America leader for digital growth. He is a core member of BCG X and the Marketing, Sales & Pricing practice, and an expert on marketing, customer experience, and digital growth.

Robert works with his clients to develop go-to-market strategies and commercialization methods for cross-industry new ventures and mid-market and large enterprise organizations. In this capacity, he partners with influential regional and global corporations to prioritize and resource marketing tactics and develop high-growth and sustainable ventures.

Prior to joining the firm, Robert held executive leadership roles with Fox Mobile Group and Viacom, as well as Head of Global Acquisition Marketing for Gamesys, Vice President of Nickelodeon, a consultant at Mack Weldon, and the Chief Marketing Officer of Freenet Digital. He is also an entrepreneur and business strategist and founded a number of vertically focused ad supported websites, which he grew to become some of the largest destinations on the web in their respective categories.