Simon Sprague is a Lean and Industry 4.0 expert and a core member of Boston Consulting Group’s Health Care and Operations practices. He is a member of BCG’s Scientist Network and is the Western Europe and South America (WESA) Health Care Operations Affiliation lead. Simon is a member of the firm’s London Operations Center and presently serves as the university recruiting director for the London Office. He spent 2016 in the New Jersey office as part of the Ambassador program.

Simon works primarily with clients in the pharmaceutical industry, where he has a strong focus on biopharma operations and has experience in diagnostic projects, solution design and implementation, and change management across a range of departments.

Prior to joining BCG in 2012, Simon trained as a research scientist, having completed a DPhil at the University of Oxford and a two-year postdoctoral research scholarship at Stanford University in Organic Chemistry. This work was funded by a Fulbright Scholarship and a Lindemann Research Scholarship.


  • DPhil, organic chemistry, University of Oxford
  • MSc/MA, natural sciences (chemistry), University of Cambridge


  • Fulbright AstraZeneca Postdoctoral Research Scholar