Professor Theodoros Evgeniou is currently director of the INSEAD Executive Education programs on “Transforming your Business with AI” and “AI for Business.” At INSEAD, he has developed and taught courses on data science and machine learning/AI for managers and executives, decision making, and IT strategies.

In his work with BHI, Theos focuses on the strategic and operational implications of data and AI as well as on new AI risks and implications of data, and AI regulations for business and industries. He has worked in the field of machine learning and AI for more than 20 years, in areas including finance, marketing analytics, health care, energy, and computer vision. Presently, his main interests are the broader topic of data, AI, business, and society, and he works in areas ranging from data and AI regulation to AI innovations for business process optimization and improving decisions, AI skills, business up-skilling, and transformation practices.

Theos gives talks and consults for a number of organizations in his areas of expertise. In recent years he has also been an advisor for hedge funds.