Tina Zuzek-Arden joined Boston Consulting Group’s Washington, DC office in 2013 and is a leader in BCG’s Energy, Public Sector, and Climate & Sustainability practices. She has advised some of the largest public utilities in the US, large-scale renewable developers, and the US federal government, on topics ranging from climate change responses to energy transition.

Tina leads BCG’s work with the US Federal Government on energy and climate topics, including defining baselines, adaptation, resiliency, and emissions reduction plans, as well as broad-scale transformations of procurement and operations – while remaining mission-focused for these agencies. She also leads some of BCG’s work with prominent global climate multilaterals and investment funds.

Tina also works with public utilities and other companies on energy grid decarbonization and general carbon-reduction strategies across a wide range of solutions, including distributed energy resources, innovative clean energy technologies, energy efficiency, grid-scale renewables, and electrification. Her expertise is global, including driving greater infrastructure and power access in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Deep Expertise, Broad Experience