Tom Brijs joined Boston Consulting Group in 2017. He is a core member of the Energy practice at the firm, and is also active in the Principal Investors & Private Equity (PIPE) practice, having worked on sell-side and buy-side due diligences for investment funds and corporates. Tom is currently an Ambassador at BCG Henderson Institute, where he co-leads BHI’s global research on the challenges and opportunities related to the large-scale integration of renewable energy, and on what it will take for our electricity systems to move toward net zero. Tom’s client work is mostly focused on helping companies along the power and gas value chain (upstream, midstream, and downstream) make strategic decisions related to organic growth, portfolio mix, large investments, and M&A opportunities.

Tom has extensive industry experience working with clients in energy, cleantech, and commodities, but also works regularly with leading players in the broader industrials space, including water, waste, and chemicals.

Before joining Boston Consulting Group, Tom worked in academia for four years as a PhD Researcher in electrical engineering at KU Leuven and The Johns Hopkins University. During his research he developed macro-scale power generation models and trading algorithms for power plants and storage to advise on asset valuation, operation and trading strategies, energy policy, and decarbonization.


  • PhD, electrical engineering, KU Leuven
  • MSc, business engineering, University of Antwerp
  • BSc, business engineering, University of Antwerp
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience