Yehia Amar joined Boston Consulting Group in 2019. He is a core member of the global Travel, Cities & Infrastructure, People & Organization, and Industrial Goods practices. He has advised on and led global transformations and reorganizations in many industries, and in all phases—from strategy to design to implementation.

Yehia is deeply involved in the firm's IP development in B2B distribution. He co-authored the 2023 Value Creators Report in B2B distribution and has spoken at the European Association of Chemical Distributors.

In 2023, after four years in the Frankfurt office, Yehia lived and worked in Chicago as part of BCG’s Global Ambassador program. Prior to joining BCG, he worked in Singapore and the UK, conducting research in chemical engineering. During that time, he published several peer-reviewed papers in high-impact scientific journals. Yehia speaks English, German, Arabic, and Spanish.


  • PhD, chemical engineering, University of Cambridge
  • MEng, chemical and nuclear engineering, Imperial College London