BCG is an Exceptional Career Accelerator

Since last fall, Leslie Serrero, a BCG former Project Leader has taken the General Management of the luxury brand FENDI, in France and Monaco. Leslie told us all about her career journey and what she cherishes from her BCG experience.

What is your background?

After graduating from ESSEC business school, and having worked for five years at Louis-Dreyfus then General Electric, I joined BCG’s New York office during my MBA summer internship while at Harvard. I then had the opportunity to stay for two years as a consultant and work with brands in search of growth and turnaround. I helped them rethink their brand strategy and their retail development, as well as optimize their sales horsepower and their investment strategy. It was exactly what I wanted; to have impactful missions and work closely on the product, as well as along with the customers. I then joined the BCG office in Sydney followed by Paris where I focused on the consumer and luxury sector, helping brands to reposition and develop further.

What has been your journey after BCG like?

After BCG, I joined Lacoste as Executive Vice President and worked on the successful turnaround of the brand. Then, in 2012, Dior offered me to take over the brand's marketing management worldwide. Since September, I have been the Managing Director of the Fendi brand in France and Monaco.

How has your BCG experience benefitted your career ?

I owe a lot to BCG, it is an exceptional career accelerator. I have developed key skills that are useful to me on a daily basis. First, the notion that everything is possible with a good team, the work itself, and learning about resource allocation. Second, the ability to ask the right questions, know how to prioritize and allocate one’s time on impactful topics and projects. Finally, the necessary analytical dimension to all challenges: formulate hypotheses, validate, and act upon them.