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BCG Partners with the MIT Media Lab for Innovative Solutions

Innovation is essential for achieving competitive advantage. BCG recently joined more than 80 leading corporations as a member of the MIT Media Lab—a group unparalleled in its innovative approach to research, development, and deployment. The Media Lab's world-renowned faculty direct nearly 400 projects, from smart prostheses and gene editing to the future of food production and sensor networks.

The MIT Media Lab's unique approach is antidisciplinary and highly collaborative. It aims to rapidly move innovation from academia to the world, at the intersections of science, art, technology, and design. The Media Lab is committed to looking beyond the obvious to ask questions not yet asked, challenge established thinking, and move ahead of the curve. BCG's engagement with the MIT Media Lab serves as a springboard for innovative thinking, helping the firm advance the most cutting-edge solutions to better serve its clients.

The partnership affords BCG the opportunity to get up to speed on the trends, technologies, products, and paradigms likely to impact the world over the next several years. To date, visits to the Media Lab have helped BCG showcase the breadth of its network and the ability to seek new sources of competitive advantage. 

For more information, watch the recent BCG interview with Joi Ito, director of the MIT Media Lab discussing insights on digital innovation and disruption with Alison Sander, director of BCG's Center for Sensing and Mining the Future.