BCG’s Partnership with Hello Tomorrow

Expand Your Perception of the Future Through BCG’s Partnership with Hello Tomorrow

Since 2017, BCG has formed a new strategic partnership with Hello Tomorrow, an international nonprofit initiative that promotes early-stage deep-technology startups from top 100+ universities worldwide. The aim is to solve some of the world’s biggest industrial and societal challenges while transferring deep-tech solutions from the lab to the market. As for deep tech itself, the term refers to startups whose businesses are built around unique, differentiated, and often protected or hard-to-reproduce technological and scientific advances.

Through the partnership with Hello Tomorrow, BCG and its clients can connect to an extensive network of over 3,000 deep-tech startups spanning 22 different industries from healthcare to energy, consumer products, and agriculture; get early access to emerging technologies; produce joint publications; and actively participate with a delegation at Hello Tomorrow’s global events. Today, BCG has the privilege of being Hello Tomorrow’s exclusive global consulting partner.

BCG and Hello Tomorrow have partnered to study the critical role of large companies in the broad ecosystem that supports deep-tech startups, including how those big players can partner with startups to develop proprietary advances in technology and science. Stay tuned for more upcoming joint thought-leadership in 2019.

BCG Will Be at Hello Tomorrow’s Global Summit 2019, and You Should Be, Too

The upcoming Hello Tomorrow Global Summit will take place in Paris on March 14-15, 2019. Whether you're a founder or an investor, work in corporate or academia, you have the opportunity at the Global Summit to step into tomorrow, a place where organ shortages no longer exist, our clothes are biofabricated, and where traveling thousands of miles across the planet takes just a few hours. Expand your perception of tomorrow through a program packed with visionary keynotes and expert panels, and join the conversation with interactive sessions and immersive workshops to build your vision of the future with the deep-tech community. Progress cannot be resisted, but it can always be driven.

Since 2016, BCG has been participating with an active delegation of both BCGers and clients in the annual Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, attended each year by thousands of deep-tech experts and enthusiasts. Find out how to attend the 2019 summit and get involved with the deep-tech community.

For more questions about BCG’s partnership with Hello Tomorrow, you can contact David Fine.

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