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Once a BCGer, Always a BCGer

Past and current BCGers are part of the same family, which is why we remain committed to your success long after you have left the firm. Our tools will help you strengthen relationships, facilitate networking, and foster the exchange of ideas within the BCG community. Want to take part in the current BCG experience? Follow your colleagues' stories, stay updated on the latest news, and get inspiration from our online resources.

Alumni Spotlight

Teresa Abecasis

There Aren’t A Lot of Places like BCG

The team touched base with partner Teresa Abecasis to hear about her journey at BCG and beyond, learning how she managed to juggle familial and professional responsibilities at a number of organizations.

Frederique Lotin

Many Opportunities, One Firm

The alumni team sat down with former consultant Frederique Lotin (2010-4) to hear his reflections and advice on working at BCG, and to highlight some of the long-term opportunities available to BCG alumni.

David Potere

Former BCGer, Now an Entrepreneur

We asked David Potere, co-founder of BCG GAMMA, and now CEO of TellusLabs, to share some memories and advice from his experience at BCG.

Alumni Share Their Favorite BCG Memories

My favorite BCG memory is pitching crazy startup ideas to the entire board of one of the largest pet chemistry companies in Europe with fellow BCGers.
- Former Consultant
BCG, MOS (2014-2018)

My favorite BCG memory was watching clients understand the possibilities of challenging themselves at BCG DV in Manhattan Beach. The enthusiasm was palpable.
- Former Partner & MD
BCG, BOS (2015-2017)

My best BCG memory to this date is my day number one. Walking into the grand office in Munich and feeling just as welcome as I do every time I walk through the beautiful entrance.
- Former IT Analyst
BCG, MUN (2011-2014)

My favorite BCG memory was being at BCG when Bruce Henderson and Arthur Contas walked the hallways. Every interaction was a major learning experience in strategy, business and life.
- Former Project Leader
BCG, NYC (1975-1978)

BCG Alumni Take the Stage at TED@BCG

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Finding Your Personal Mission in Life

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Career Tips for Alumni

Identifying Your Personal Brand

Identifying Your Personal Brand

Avoid This Mistake when Creating Your Personal Brand

10 Tips for Building an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile (part 1)

10 Tips for Building an Outstanding LinkedIn Profile (part 2)


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