WWAD 2023: Evergreen

Rooted in legacy; powered by purpose. As BCGers past, present, and future, our connections are evergreen.


A Beloved, Decades-long Tradition

Since 1998, BCGers and alumni have come together on the first Thursday of October to celebrate Worldwide Alumni Day (WWAD). Dreamed up by former CEO John Clarkeson (1985 – 1997) and implemented by then-CEO Carl Stern (1998 – 2003), this annual flagship event series reaffirms BCG’s commitment to our people, and keeps our bonds as strong as ever.

Take a look at how past WWADs have reunited old friends and new, kept alumni informed of the latest from BCG, and created memories that last a lifetime while celebrating the evergreen connections that make this network so special.



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WWAD provides a regular opportunity to celebrate where we have come from, how much we have evolved and how our values, integrity and unwavering commitment to unlocking the potential of those who advance the world remain unchanged. As part of BCG’s 60th Anniversary celebrations, watch our BCG current and former CEOs and Sandy Moose share their anniversary wishes for BCG. We look forward to celebrating this milestone at respective local WWAD events!

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