BCG Alumni Memories

We asked BCG alumni to share their best BCG memories.
  • New York: One of my first BCG memories is cheering on several associates as they ran a half marathon in full business suits and with briefcases in hand! This was in NYC in the summer and it was VERY HOT. I had just started working at BCG and knew that not only was this going to be an amazing professional experience, it was going to be fun!
  • Munich: My best BCG memories are all related to people: my cohort, my mentors, my teams, everyone who worked in the offices where I have hung my hat over the years, helping me out with research, IT emergencies, food etc. To me this is what BCG, our success, and our value-add for clients is all about and what has made BCG a home for many years.
  • New York: At the very start... interviewing in a place where everyone was smiling, interviews that were fun to take part in...
  • Moscow: My best BCG memory was my last birthday in the company in 2018 when I got so much love and sympathy from all my colleagues! I felt that BCG is really a family. Thank you!
  • Munich: My best memory of BCG to this date is my day number one. Walking into the grand office in Munich and feeling just as welcome as I do every time I walk through the beautiful entrance.
  • São Paulo: The impact drive, engaged team that was always ready to help one another despite the amount of work everyone had. AND... winning the BCG World Cup!
  • Copenhagen: My best WWAD memory is not a moment but a sentiment. A feeling of belonging to a strong, caring, and unassuming community. That’s cool.
  • Boston: I met my wife (also a BCG alum) at the 2002 Alumni Day. I told her that night we were going to get married, and we did.
  • São Paulo: I was part of the founding team of the São Paulo office, and every WWAD event reminds me of the excitement of helping open the new office. In addition, many of my best friends today were colleagues back then.
  • São Paulo: My best BCG memory was the associate recruiting process of 2010 when 100% of our job offers were accepted!
  • New Jersey: WWAD is always a blast and a great way to connect with friends new and old. Whether LA’s WWAD at Petersen Automotive Museum or Denver’s intimate WWAD restaurant dinners, it’s an event I always look forward to (and this year for the first time with my East Coast BCG family).
  • New York: Dressing up and dancing to “oppa gangnam style” during one of the SEA retreats.
  • São Paulo: One thing I can never forget about BCG is the community of people. The phenomenon of being so different in personality with so many traits in common. I will always be a BCGer.
  • Bogotá: Sharing a tiny office with Zach, Sean, and Juan, shooting darts at a western scene we had drawn on the whiteboard while we burned the midnight oil.
  • Düsseldorf: After so many great moments during my time at BCG, it was wonderful to realize during my first alumni meeting that I still feel part of the BCG Family.
  • Brussels: WWAD has allowed me to keep in touch for 25 years (!) with many of my fellow BCGers since Paris 1991.
  • Chicago: I very much appreciate the alumni community BCG fosters. It's like having attended another university. As I move from one city to the next, I know I can always reach out and find folks to reconnect with or forge new connections with.