Worldwide Alumni Day: A Day Not to Miss

For over 20 years, hundreds of alumni return to BCG for Worldwide Alumni Day (WWAD), an event that now takes place in more than 80 cities around the world. It’s an opportunity to create new memories and a festive way to reunite with former colleagues, meet new BCGers, and celebrate the contributions and achievements of some of our over 24,000 alumni. It’s also a great time to network with peers, potential investors, and future partners.

Every year, I have the privilege to attend many alumni events and each time I leave feeling energized and filled with a renewed sense of pride, no matter where I am. It's amazing to see so many BCGers flourishing outside the firm and to know that BCG played a role -- no matter how big or small -- in setting them up for their futures. And I feel thankful to our alums, because their success shines brightly back onto us as they grow outside of BCG's walls. We see our alumni as our family and one of the key reasons we've become so successful over our 50-plus years.

Rich Lesser
Chief Executive Officer
New York

BCG's 2019 Worldwide Alumni Day Events Around the World


"My best WWAD memory is not a moment but a sentiment. A feeling of belonging to a strong, caring, and unassuming community. That’s cool."


"One of my first BCG memories is cheering on several associates as they ran a half marathon in full business suits and with briefcases in hand! This was in NYC in the summer and it was VERY HOT. I had just started working at BCG and knew that not only was this going to be an amazing professional experience, it was going to be fun!"


"Sharing a tiny office with Zach, Sean, and Juan, shooting darts at a western scene we had drawn on the whiteboard while we burned the midnight oil."


Reflecting on the First #bcgalumniday

Miki Tsusaka, senior partner and chief marketing officer, and Sandy Moose, BCG's first female consultant and currently a BCG senior advisor, reflect on the first #bcgalumniday.

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Worldwide Alumni Day: A Day Not to Miss