Breaking Barriers for Africa's Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Ibrahim Assane Mayaki Inui Eiji Bernice Mclean George Murumba Janet Byaruhanga Mathieu Lamiaux Mills Schenck Takeshi Oikawa Toivo Hensgens

Although the pandemic has highlighted persistent gaps in Africa’s healthcare systems and their international dependencies, there are promising hints that healthcare entrepreneurship is beginning to find a serious footing on the continent. As AUDA-NEPAD driven Accelerator supporting these Home Grown Solutions, we find them facing barriers in accessing advice, partnerships and funding as well as having to navigate highly dynamic or obscure regulatory, procurement and trade environments. Recognition of the social and business opportunities presented by local healthcare entrepreneurship is growing, however, and here we share how a wide range of stakeholders can provide the maturing ecosystem required to fully unlock the power of African entrepreneurship for better African health outcomes.