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Consilium@BCG: The Executive Summit Everyone’s Talking About

How can we best spark innovation, drive organizational transformation, and extract the maximum value from technology? What are the secrets to catalyzing fresh growth and keeping up with customers’ fast-changing demands? How do we not only address our immediate competitive needs but also build resilience to overcome the challenges that the market throws our way? For business leaders today, these questions—and many others—have become more pressing than ever. But finding the answers seems increasingly daunting.

Since 2021, Consilium@BCG Asia Pacific has provided an exclusive forum where Asia’s top business leaders and influencers come together and grapple with the toughest questions facing them. Consilium@BCG Asia Pacific is an annual, invitation-only private forum, designed expressly to create an environment where business leaders can share insights and learn from their peers—and take away actionable ideas that they can apply immediately in their organizations.

Who Attends

Each Consilium@BCG Asia Pacific event is attended by CEOs and Chairpersons who lead the world’s premier corporations and organizations. The event provides leaders with a wealth of opportunities to hear from our speakers and to interact with one another.


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    A Distinguished Roster of Speakers

    Every Consilium@BCG Asia Pacific features stellar, dynamic speakers hailing from diverse industries. Year after year, we strive to raise the bar even higher, bringing the right insights and expertise to the conversation precisely when they’re needed most.

    Click below to watch highlights from our virtual leadership dialogues from 2021 and 2022.

    Rethinking: Leadership in the New Reality (Q4 2022 – Asia Pacific)

    Adam Grant – Organizational psychologist and Professor at Wharton, bestselling author of Think Again, and host of the podcast WorkLife, shares his frame breaking perspective on leadership in the new reality.


    What Lies Ahead in the 21st Century (Q4 2021 – Asia Pacific)

    Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, leading global thinker, historian and best-selling author, shares his frame-breaking perspectives on some of the most pressing topics of the 21st century and current trends and matters that are shaping our future as countries, enterprises, individuals, and humans.



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