China Daily

Auto Companies in the New Energy Era

In his guest column for China Daily, BCG’s Gang Xu discusses the recent rapid growth of China’s new energy vehicle (NEV) market. He notes that uncertainties may indicate a coming restructuring of the industry. He explains that the overall profitability of China’s NEV industry is decreasing as other industry giants with stronger supply chains enter the market. Gang expects that auto players that actively seek transformation and strong user touchpoints will dominate the market; whereas those that lose touchpoints will be pushed out.


Learning & Development: COVID-19 Pushes It from the Back Room into the Spotlight

In his column for Forbes, BCG’s Grant Freeland discusses the limitations of remote learning and the importance of learning and development (L&D) during the COVID-19 pandemic. He writes that, given the speed at which technology and society are changing, the need for continuous learning, reskilling, and upskilling has never been greater. Freeland says broader L&D programs create a pool of agile employees, develop problem-solving managers, and inspire leadership in executives.

Australian Financial Review

The Need for Digital Transformation During the Pandemic

BCG’s Stefan Mohr tells the Australian Financial Review that the pandemic is giving greater urgency to digital transformation. Citing research from BCG, Mohr explains that digital leaders outperform their peers in key areas including cost efficiency, product quality, customer satisfaction, and time to market. As the world rapidly changes, digital leaders will be the front-runners in the race for business survival, he says.

CNBC Africa

How East African Businesses Can Survive COVID-19

In an interview with CNBC Africa, BCG’s Mills Schenck asserts that East African firms should be actively managing their liquidity to adapt to the new reality and to ensure near-term continuity. He explains that there are opportunities for all sectors to capitalize on shifting supply-chain dynamics and to invest in digital. According to Schenck, companies need to build flexibility in their business models and future-proof their supply chains to ensure greater resiliency.


A Guide to Building a More Resilient Business

In their featured article for, BCG’s Martin Reeves and Kevin Whitaker explain how businesses can explicitly design for, measure, and manage resilience in our COVID-19 world. They stress the importance of resilience as the business environment is becoming more dynamic and unpredictable. The authors explain that managing for resilience requires a “fundamentally different mental model of business—one that embraces complexity, uncertainty, interdependence, systems thinking, and a multi-timescale perspective.”


Pandemic Accentuates Two Problems with Change Management: One Is Change, the Other Is Management

In his column for Forbes, BCG’s Grant Freeland discusses the importance of change readiness in organizations. He consults BCG’s Martin Reeves, who shares that companies’ change programs fail to meet expectations 75% of the time. According to Reeves, the biggest mistake is made when senior leaders try to work out too many details in advance. Reeves believes the most successful companies are those that “constantly learn and adapt to changing realities.”


Time for Change: LGBTQ Discrimination and Underrepresentation at Work

Bloomberg and Fortune highlight the findings of a recent BCG report titled, “A New LGBTQ Workforce Has Arrived—Inclusive Cultures Must Follow.” The report states that, although illegal, workplace discrimination is still highly prevalent. The report also indicates that despite the changing makeup of the LGBTQ workforce, white, gay men are still disproportionally represented in leadership compared to other members of the LQBTQ community.

Financial Express

New Mechanisms for Market Discovery, Employment Essential for Revival

In their guest column for Financial Express, BCG’s Seema Bansal and Rajah Augustinraj discuss the difficulties that India’s micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME) will have when hiring new workers in the wake of COVID-19. They write that India’s labor markets are “fundamentally altered” and must “re-establish from scratch.” The authors explain that digital employment platforms are one way to serve the bottom of the pyramid and lay the foundation for India’s long-term growth.


COVID-19 Reconfirms That Women Make Great Leaders

In his guest column for Forbes, BCG’s Grant Freeland praises the women who have lead their countries and companies through the pandemic. In a discussion with BCG’s Matt Krentz, he cites a BCG report which says that companies are too focused on diversifying their board rooms and not focused enough on their executive suite. Noting that after the 2008 crisis, it took until 2020 for women and people of color to regain the same level of leadership, Freeland writes, “let’s not have a repeat.”

3 Ways to Put Your Corporate Purpose into Action

In his coauthored article for, BCG’s Robert Eccles discusses ways companies can put their purposes into action. He says that before corporations can act, they must be clear on what their purpose is and decide how they will be held accountable for meeting that purpose. Eccles writes that in order to make a company’s commitment to purpose enforceable, “powerful players that dominate American corporate governance will come together to make it happen.”