When All Signs Point to the Need for a Business Turnaround

Public-company lifespans are shrinking. Today, the chances of any given company ceasing to exist in its current form over the next five years are one in three. Fifty years ago, they were one in twenty. BCG’s turnaround management consulting services help companies avoid an early exit by leading them through a business turnaround.

Companies grappling with a strategic crisis operate under immense pressure and face enormous disruption. If they ignore the warning signs, such as declining profitability or market share, the strategic crisis can morph into a profit crisis—with plummeting profits and stagnating or falling sales—that can force them to burn through cash reserves.

Only a business turnaround can help such a company stave off the next phase of decline: a liquidity crisis.

How BCG TURN Helps Clients with Turnaround Management

BCG TURN, a special unit within BCG, helps companies orchestrate an effective business turnaround when all signs point to the need for fast, focused action and when companies are grappling with an urgent need to change amid great disruption. We deliver immediate impact to each client’s bottom line, cash flow, and top-line growth—all while concentrating on what the client must do to sustain successful change far into the future.

Key elements of our BCG TURN approach include the following.

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What Makes BCG’s Turnaround Management Approach Unique

BCG TURN’s singular approach pays big dividends for our clients seeking to implement a business turnaround program and has been an important factor in BCG TURN’s being named a market leader in the industry by independent research firm ALM Intelligence. We help our clients shape and accelerate their transformation program holistically. We start by initiating a response to performance issues, then swiftly define a transformation plan and mobilize the organization behind it. Finally, we execute improvement initiatives to deliver on the company’s strategic agenda.

To ensure rigor and discipline throughout the transformation process, we set up and run an activist
transformation management office that plays three critical roles: driving implementation of the improvement initiatives, enabling the change, and ensuring that the program delivers the intended impact.

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Industry-Leading Business Transformation

BCG TURN was named a market leader in financial crisis management for its results-driven approach to turnarounds and restructuring by ALM Intelligence. Find out why in the 2020 ALM Pacesetter report.

Our Business Turnaround Work with Clients

Meet Our Turnaround Consulting Team

Our turnaround consultants have vast experience leading clients through successful business turnarounds. Meet some of our experts on the topic.

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