BCG and SeaTec Form Strategic Partnership to Address Evolution in Aerospace and Defense Industry

Collaboration Between Top Management Consultancy and Leading Provider of Engineering and Digital Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Industries Allows Both Firms to Support Changing Aviation Sector

BOSTON—Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and SeaTec Consulting, Inc., (SeaTec) today announced a strategic partnership formed to help the aviation industry’s maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) sector’s transformation through the combination of BCG’s global strategic focus and SeaTec’s extensive operational expertise and history of execution.

The two companies’ combined long-standing experience with the world’s top airlines, air transport companies, defense agencies, and aviation vendors is unparalleled. Their partnership arrives at a critical time for the MRO sector, which is undergoing a digital transformation that is both complex and costly but also holds the potential to unleash disruptive forces in the industry. The companies’ joint reach and relationships—with BCG’s deep digital and data science bench, and SeaTec’s technical prowess and extensive execution history—combine to create a set of complementary capabilities uniquely positioned to address the complex problems in MRO. Together the two firms offer:

  • Deep mastery of airline maintenance, engineering, avionics, and in-flight connectivity, within both the commercial and defense sectors
  • Broad airline consulting experience and global strategic perspective, with technical expertise to deliver on that perspective
  • Domain credibility, with long-standing experience working with the world's top airlines, air transport companies, and aviation vendors
  • Extensive experience with collaboration between airlines and vendors
  • Flexible working model that can scale appropriate expertise where it's needed most, optimized for value

“The two companies’ strengths create complementarities that extend well past commercial aviation into manufacturing and defense,” said BCG’s global head of Travel and Tourism, Jason Guggenheim. “We have a convergence of factors that are forcing the industry to modernize the MRO function. This partnership will allow BCG and SeaTec to help the industry address those factors.”
“As MROs, airlines, and the broader aerospace and defense industry begins to transform, our ability to provide BCG’s strategic view along with SeaTec’s domain expertise and long history of successful execution is a powerful combination,” said SeaTec’s chief commercial officer, Allen McReynolds.

For press inquiries, or more information, please contact BCG’s Eric Gregoire at or +1 617 850 3783, or SeaTec at or +1 678 392 2500.

About SeaTec

SeaTec is a trusted, leading provider of consulting, engineering, and digital solutions for customers in transportation, aerospace, and defense markets globally. SeaTec’s deep industry knowledge and technical expertise paired with its turn-key service offerings enable the company to deliver program life cycle solutions that are unmatched by competitors. Over the past 20 years, SeaTec has earned a long-standing record of excellence with its customers and, since its founding in 2000, its priority has always been to steward and enhance the unique culture and reputation for excellence that is SeaTec. For more information, please visit

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