Supporting BCGers across functions, cohort, gender and family situation so that they can successfully manage family commitments and a career in parallel.

The Mission

The Family@BCG network aims to support BCGers across functions, cohorts, gender and family situations so that they can successfully manage family commitments and a career in parallel.

Our Programme

  • Awareness. BCG delivers a number of initiatives to help its employees balance work and family commitments, and the Family@BCG team aims to ensure there is transparency around the options available, including leave policies, flexible working models and FlexiTime.
  • Affiliation. Family@BCG also aims to increase the visibility of how our teams make work for them and the multiple paths possible.
    • We have created a Parents@BCG booklet and are developing a series of videos showcasing personal stories and experiences of how a variety of BCGers combine their work with being a parent.
    • We host quarterly events on a variety of family topics, for example: a flexibility panel and parent tips and tricks, where BCGers and their partners connect and share experiences on work-life balance.
    • A buddy programme to pairing those who have been through similar family experiences to help them navigate.
  • Network. A forum of more than 150 parents and nonparents share their perspectives on work and family life, from crowdsourcing tips on selecting a nanny to more personal tips on how to manage work and family commitments.
  • Resources. We offer a practical guidebook with useful resources for families with children of different ages. We also participate in building BCGs thought leadership on family diversity.

Thought Leadershiip