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Enabling Digital Learning During COVID-19

BCG's support to Indian Education Ecosystem in enabling digital learning during COVID-19

As our country has learnt to deal with COVID19, we often think about our frontline workers – our doctors, nurses, policemen and the administration.

But one set of people that we often do forget is our children. 25 crore children have lost access to schools during this period – with schools closed from the past two months, and likely to remain so for the next three months. Unlike students in many private schools in cities – who have live classes, access to libraries and have parents who can teach them, a majority of students live in India’s villages enrolled at their nearest government school which is now shut, and where such access is scarce.

What they do have often though, is a parent with a mobile phone and a data pack. What can we do with this?

Read on and join us in our journey to make quality digital content accessible to students across India.

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Stories from the field

A child engaged in an interactive video on English letters and their sounds

A child engaged in an interactive video on English letters and their sounds

Stories form an integral part of daily package, helping learn language as well as incite great interest in the content itself!

Parent testimonial: A mother from MP sharing her thoughts on the program

Parent testimonial: A father expressing his gratitude to the school teachers and the state department for the learning program

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