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Consulting a Digital World

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Consulting a Digital World

01 October 2013

To help their companies thrive in a complex and changing world, business leaders need to have an incisive mindset. The ability to draw insights from a flood of information—to read the signals, in other words—will become an increasingly important driver of success. Leaders also need to have an adaptive mindset in order to respond to the forces that are reshaping the global economy and giving rise to new opportunities and challenges.

In today’s turbulent times, leaders must take special care to define a clear vision, instill a strong sense of purpose, and reaffirm a core set of values. But instead of relying on a rigid command-and-control structure to translate plans and intentions into action, executives should focus on projecting their leadership throughout the organization. This will ensure that people understand and act on the strategic vision themselves, rather than expecting every decision to float to the top.

Consulting a Digital World