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BCG in Dubai

The Offices 3 at One Central Dubai
Level 7, P.O. Box 32257
United Arab Emirates

T +971 4 4480 300

F +971 4 4480 333

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Office Lead

Requests for Proposals

Ahmed AlArfaj

RFP Administrator


Amany Khalife

Community Coordinator


Noor Ghazzi

Marketing Coordinator


Consultant Recruiting

Pamela Spreafico

Recruiting Manager

Featured News

It's Time for Intelligent Machines to Take Over Oil & Gas Operations

Until now, oil & gas (O&G) operators made just evolutionary changes to operations, while the number of tasks that machines and software can do better than humans is increasing every month. These times demand a revolution instead, and AI is the silver bullet the oil and gas industry needs to combat persistent low revenues. Upskilling talent and employing AI@Scale can abate production costs, protect employees, prevent supply chain disruptions, and boost revenues for producers and governments at a time of multiple and possibly enduring shocks to the O&G economy.

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The Coming Battle for Spectrum

The Coming Battle for Spectrum

Wireless spectrum is in high demand. New users and applications are emerging rapidly. To maximize this limited natural resource, countries must adopt a new management model.

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The Rise of Collaborative Investing: Sovereign Wealth Funds’ New Strategies in Private Markets

In our analysis of SWFs’ approaches to investing in private markets, we have developed a taxonomy of models, presented here in order of decreasing delegation level: the LP model, the co-investment model, the investment platform, and the direct investment model. Find out how these models work and how they play a role in the outlook for SWFs.

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The Rise of Collaborative Investing: Sovereign Wealth Funds’ New Strategies in Private Markets

The AI Gap: Time For The Middle East To Take It Seriously

The world has reached a turning point where the disruptive force of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can no longer be ignored. Organizations in the Middle East will either adapt their operations to leverage AI, or risk being disrupted by those who do. A recent global executive survey conducted in collaboration with MIT Sloan highlights that 78% of Middle East executives see their organizations having only limited adoption of AI today compared to 54% globally. In addition, only 55% of Middle East executives indicate they clearly understand the skills and knowledge needed for adopting and succeeding with AI. To leverage the full potential of AI, the report recommends organizations to make the most of today’s AI opportunities, and explore how to develop a winning position in tomorrow’s market leveraging future AI developments.

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