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    CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange

    Investor Sentiment in the Coronavirus Crisis

    In an interview with CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange, BCG’s Hady Farag discusses investor sentiment during coronavirus. He cites a BCG survey that found that 60% of US investors are bearish on the economy for the remainder of 2020. He also shares advice from investors suggesting that the main priority for companies should be “building capabilities you will need to not only survive this year but thrive in the years after.”

    Slate Money

    BCG CEO Rich Lesser on Business Leader’s Critical Decisions during a Crisis

    In a podcast interview with Slate Money, BCG CEO Rich Lesser discusses critical decisions that business leaders must make regarding coronavirus. He explains the US stimulus bill and how the financial aid will be used to help local government, businesses, and citizens. Lesser emphasizes that business leaders need to show resilience and maintain the trust of critical stakeholders in these challenging times.


    Understanding the Economic Shock of Coronavirus

    In their featured article for hbr.org, BCG’s Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak, Martin Reeves, and Paul Swartz discuss the looming global recession. They explain three models of economic “shock geometry” and two economic supply-side threats as a result of COVID-19. The authors evaluate the chances of preventing a U-shaped scenario, but conclude that “the battle is underway, and without innovation the odds are not in favor.”


    Leaders Should Be Humans First, Especially in Times of Crisis

    In his guest column for Forbes, BCG’s Grant Freeland writes that leaders should be professional and compassionate during a crisis. He cites an article by BCG’s Ben Horner which discusses the importance of offering mental health initiatives to workers. Freeland relays that during stressful times, “one of the best things we can do to help colleagues and customers is to listen, assure them they’re not in this alone, and let them know you care.”


    6 Steps to Sustainably Flatten the Coronavirus Curve

    In his featured article for Fortune, BCG’s CEO Rich Lesser highlights six ways industries can flatten the coronavirus curve. He advises companies and individuals alike on how they can use the pandemic as an opportunity to innovate in technology, communication, and healthcare. Lesser implies the time to act is now, “for the sake of our economy, the livelihoods of millions, and the health of our society, we have to get started.”

    CNBC Squawk Box

    BCG CEO Rich Lesser on Coronavirus Uncertainty

    In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box, BCG CEO Rich Lesser discusses how business leaders are navigating the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus. Lesser cites an article he wrote that advises businesses on how to innovate and adapt to the pandemic. He affirms that “we are going to need government leadership to make sure the technology is available and help set ground rules for privacy tradeoffs” to help adjust to a new reality.

    The Edge Markets

    Can I Still Believe in Malaysia?

    In his guest column for The Edge Markets, BCG’s Vincent Chin discusses the silver linings of Malaysia losing its edge in traditional economic production. He cites a joint report by BCG and The Network that found 70% of Malaysia’s digital talent would relocate internationally for work. Chin reasons that enhanced human capital is key to developing sustainable advantage for Malaysia. He acknowledges that “it is by no means too late for Malaysia, but we cannot be complacent.”

    Oil & Gas Middle East

    Gas: A Growth Opportunity

    In his guest column for Oil & Gas Middle East, BCG’s Pablo Avogadri discusses the growth of the gas market in the Middle East. He outlines the three components of the energy “trilemma framework” tool that contributes to the exponential advancement of the industry: cost competitiveness, security of supply, and sustainability. Avogadri cites a report coauthored by BCG, Snam, and IGU that explains how low-cost resources, strong infrastructure, and government policy will help the Middle East “maintain its best-in-class position to 2030."

    Australian Financial Review

    BCG CEO Rich Lesser on Change Becoming the New Constant in the Workplace

    In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, BCG CEO Rich Lesser discusses the factors that are leading to a culture of never-ending change in the workplace. He emphasizes that CEOs must focus on vision, value, and velocity with technology rapidly evolving and customer expectations on the rise. He says that BCG helps its clients stay on the cutting edge by working with senior leadership on the “toughest, highest-stakes problems or opportunities” and then implementing them to “enable the building of capabilities in the organization."


    How Chinese Companies Have Responded to Coronavirus

    In their featured article for hbr.org, BCG’s Martin Reeves, Lars Fæste, Cinthia Chen, Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak, and Kevin Whitaker describe 12 lessons local markets can learn from China’s coronavirus recovery plans. They highlight initiatives Chinese companies are implementing to recover and how they are planning for the future. The authors advise local leaders that “by adopting a high-frequency approach to learning, and codifying and applying lessons from other regions, companies will be better able to protect their employees and businesses.”

    The Economic Times

    India at $5 Trillion: An Opportunity on the World Stage

    In their guest column for  The Economic Times, BCG CEO Rich Lesser and BCG’s Alpesh Shah discuss how India can become a $5 trillion economy before 2028. Together, they outline four focus areas for potential growth: unleash the service economy, participate in global supply chains, become an attractive investment destination, and focus on the fundamentals. The authors emphasize that “though India’s ascent on the world stage is inevitable, the country will need its entire demography to be healthy, educated and safe for the nation to realize its true potential and turbocharge growth.”


    Lead Your Business through the Coronavirus Crisis

    In their featured article for hbr.org, BCG’s Martin Reeves, Nikolaus Lang, and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak outline 12 lessons for business leaders navigating coronavirus. These lessons focus on how to respond to and communicate unfolding events, as well as how to extract and apply learnings. By staying informed, being resilient, and practicing balanced communication, businesses can grow and succeed in a time of crisis.