Social Impact

Catalyzing Societal Progress 2019

Adam Alagiah-Glomseth Bjorg Askelsdottir Trine de Nully Anders Fæste Jacob Hansen Marcus Henglein Jakob Mørck Lohmann Morten Siggaard Stepke Merle Asger Thomsen

Social Impact is a core part of our work at Boston Consulting Group and we dedicate significant resources every year to address some of the most complex problems in contemporary society. Both on a global level and in local offices, we work together with our partners across sectors and topics to make the world a better place. Throughout 2018, the BCG office in Copenhagen worked with many partners to address a wide range of societal issues. These partners included organizations such as UN Women, Food Nation, +Impact, The Ocean Cleanup, Mind Your Own Business, Index: Design to Improve Life, and State of Green. In all, more than 25 other organizations were involved, many of which had participated in the Gender Diversity Roundtable and a panel on immigrant integration Furthermore, consultants in the Copenhagen Office worked with some of BCG’s global partners, including the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the World Food Programme.

Social Impact and Sustainability