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Digital: Making Any Business Crisis-Proof

New article assesses digital density of companies that combine technology and human capabilities

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Railway Regulation in Brazil: Proposals for simplifying and increasing progress in the sector

In this new report, we analyzed the regulation model of the railway sector in different countries, in order to leverage first-class insights and bring key takeaways to the Brazilian context.

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The New Reality of Mobility in Brazil

Technological advances and fast connectivity expansion have drastically changed the transportation and mobility context in many countries. These coefficients have also contributed to accelerated behavioral change in consumers processes. Thereby, BCG Brazil has designed and conducted a survey with more than 1,500 people to understand their attitudes and preferences regarding the new possibilities and locomotion dynamics.

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Agenda for the competitiveness of the fuel chain in Brazil

What are the main challenges for the fuel chain in Brazil to advance in terms of competitiveness? In this article, we discuss paths for a change agenda that can take industry to a whole new level.

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