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BCG in Sydney

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When good intentions aren’t enough

Companies in Australia invest both time and money in diversity initiatives, yet most employees in diverse groups—women, ethnically diverse individuals, and LGBTQ employees—say they have not benefited. A key problem: the leaders at most organisations don’t understand the real-world obstacles that diverse employees face. These companies can start making real progress once they focus on the initiatives that diverse employees themselves say are effective. New BCG analysis, based on a comprehensive worldwide survey, shows how.

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When good intentions aren’t enough
The 2019 Consumer Sentiment Survey

The 2019 Consumer Sentiment Survey

While Australia is at the leading edge of digital device adoption, online purchasing lags behind many other nations. Twenty to thirty percent of consumers continue to research online but purchase offline. BCG’s research suggests that the drop-off at the purchase stage is due to underinvestment in seamless end-to-end digital offers. While this suggests significant untapped potential for retailers, there are specific instances in digital purchasing journeys when consumers still desire human touch. Our research also reveals a paradox of trust: consumers increasingly desire offers that cater to their personal needs, but also seek greater control over their personal data.

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The 2017 Australian Value Creators Report

Corporate value creation through persisting uncertainty: analysis of ASX 200 company performance

This year we focus on divergence and disparity in Australia’s sectoral performance. What makes some companies more successful in creating value than others? Which sectors have sustained strong performance? And which sectors have been a greater drag on Australia’s performance?

TSR differed significantly more by sector in Australia than in the international peer group, with lower returns in the Banking and Mining sectors. Regulation of banks, and a drop in commodity prices during the period lowered returns for companies in these two sectors, which together make up almost half of the ASX 200 by market capitalisation.

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Striving toward Total Societal Impact in Australia
Striving toward Total Societal Impact in Australia

Striving toward Total Societal Impact in Australia

A growing body of research, including recent work from BCG, has proved there is a strong correlation between a company’s impact on society and its Total Shareholder Return. We call this Total Societal Impact (TSI). How do Australian companies perform compared with the rest of the world?

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Voluntary Tax Transparency Code (TTC)

The Boston Consulting Group Pty Ltd (BCG) supports the Australian Government’s objective for corporations to provide additional information to assist the public to understand their tax contribution and compliance with Australia’s tax laws. BCG has signed up to the Voluntary Tax Transparency Code (TTC).

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