Jean-Baptiste Bearez is a core member of The Boston Consulting Group’s Marketing, Sales & Pricing; Strategy; Technology Advantage; and Technology, Media, & Telecommunications (TMT) practices. He is also a founding and core member of BCG's Digital Technology and Enablement Center.

Since joining BCG in 2010, Jean-Baptiste has worked extensively with companies across the TMT space on growth strategies and customer experience. He has helped numerous clients conduct IT and digital transformations.

Jean-Baptiste’s landmark experience has included leading a customer-oriented digital transformation for a large telecom company in France, designing and implementing an IT transformation for a global industrial goods company and for a global bank, conducting several adjacent growth opportunity assessments for tech companies, and defining a digital strategy for a leading telco company. He is a topic expert on customer experience in TMT and is also particularly skilled in digital organization and governance.

Deep Expertise, Broad Experience