BCG in the 2010s

This decade, BCG is focused on expanding its offering to clients, realizing the full potential of its purpose, and building on its fifty-year legacy with a bold look to the future.

By the time the firm turned 50 in 2013, BCG was already established as a trusted, global advisor with broad capabilities and expertise across a wide range of industries and functions. Yet clients wanted to ensure that a project’s work could continue itself once the case was over, and pressed consultancies to build sustainable capabilities among their own employees. BCG’s tradition of collaborative consulting and its BCG Enablement™ program provided a strong basis for doing just that.

Meanwhile, ongoing waves of disruption convinced the firm that static strategic analysis was no longer useful. Instead, it counseled clients to develop the agility to adapt to changing markets and rapidly advancing technology, by closely interpreting market signals; experimenting quickly in everything from products to business models; increasing ties to outside partners; awakening the entrepreneurial energies of their own people; and aligning with the social and cultural context.

To support these efforts, BCG launched several extension brands to build resiliency and enable long-term competitive advantage. Collectively, these brands helped differentiate the firm, spread insight and conquer complexity, and serve clients in ways the traditional BCG structure could not. BCG GAMMA, for example, combines advanced skills in computer science, artificial intelligence, statistics, and machine learning with deep industry expertise. At the same time, BCG Digital Ventures fosters a disruptive, startup way of thinking within today’s most innovative companies, while BCG TURN works with business leaders to strengthen their organizations for the future.

BCG’s expansion has not been limited to client offerings. Over the past few years, the firm has experienced unprecedented growth in the number of employees, internal functions, offices, and high-level partnerships. Today, BCGers are increasingly in the spotlight and looked to for their expertise, at events like the World Economic Forum, and in seats at some of the most powerful tables around the globe. Such progress has resulted in the need to take a critical look at the role BCG plays in business and society, as well as its identity in the marketplace.

Committed to carrying out the legacy of its founder, Bruce Henderson, the firm recently excavated its purpose of “unlocking the potential of those who advance the world,” which though foundational, had yet to be made explicit. In parallel, BCG has spent the decade evaluating its visual and public-facing identity, refining the presentation of its brand architecture to convey the diversity of offerings and industries served in a visually compelling and cohesive way. Most notably, this has resulted in a new logo and simplified name—Boston Consulting Group, without “the”—that reflect the firm’s inclusive spirit and myriad expertise beyond traditional consulting.

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BCG’s Growth in the 2010s

So far this decade, BCG has reached more than 16,000 employees and more than 90 offices in over 50 countries.

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