BCG Platinion Announces New Middle East Office To Enhance Local Market Presence And Growth Potential

Digital specialists of Boston Consulting Group already support digital transformation of companies and organizations in the Middle East

Dubai — BCG Platinion, the strategy consultancy specializing in digital technology, opened a Middle East office in the UAE in the beginning of 2022 to optimally serve the growth market in the region. BCG Platinion has long operated in a multitude of regional and international markets – including the Middle East – and the upcoming launch will increase the total number of locations to 39 worldwide.

Digital transformation plays a central role in the further development of the markets in the Middle East. Experts estimate the market volume for consulting services at around one billion US dollars—more than a quarter of which is accounted for by the digital sector. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) alone, for example, has invested 11 billion US dollars in digital transformation in 2020, while the United Arab Emirates has invested around 8 billion US dollars. “BCG Platinion specializes in complex digital transformation projects. With our new Middle East presence, starting with our new office, we can better enable our clients directly on site and deepen the relationships we already have,” says Alain Schneuwly, Managing Director of BCG Platinion who will head the Middle East system in the future.

Team of experts to be successively expanded

The BCG Platinion team will start with ten consultants who already have project experience in the region and will be gradually expanded.

“Our regional consultants will cater to clients across the Middle East initially from Dubai before expanding our regional presence over time”, says David Panhans, Managing Partner Middle East. “We have high ambitions to grow in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia and other markets over time. There are many ambitious IT experts in the region who will have the chance to develop dynamically with us. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to build a team here that will add real value to the Middle East,” says Alain Schneuwly.

Many successful IT projects in the Middle East

The region has seen itself prioritizing digital transformation over the past several years. BCG Platinion sees great demand for digital expertise, especially in the financial services, energy, technology, media, and telecommunications industries, as well as the public sector. “BCG Platinion’s core competencies, such as enterprise architecture, human-centered design, cybersecurity, and agility, are in high demand in the Gulf region,” says Santeri Kirvelä, Regional Leader EMESA at BCG Platinion.

“The Middle East is currently working on the great digitalization leap. We want to provide strategic support for these efforts. The best way to do that is to have proven IT specialists directly on site,” says Joerg Hildebrandt, who heads the Boston Consulting Group's operations in the Middle East.

In 2000, BCG Platinion was founded as a subsidiary of the strategy consultancy Boston Consulting Group to combine BCG's strategic perspectives with digital expertise. Since then, BCG Platinion has been developing and designing digital products, platforms, and solutions for enterprises and organizations around the world. More than 750 digital experts in 39 international locations work for BCG Platinion. It also has strategic partnerships with more than 100 major partner companies.


As a part of Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BCG Platinion provides consulting and engineering services in human-centric design, IT architecture, development, and implementation of advanced technology solutions that fuel critical transformation and creation of new-generation business models. Today, our presence spans the globe with offices in Europe, North and South America, South Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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