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Mr. Nitin Gadkari Inaugurates the ‘BCG Center for Sustainable Earth’

A dedicated climate and sustainability focused hub for India by Boston Consulting Group

Mumbai—Climate and Sustainability challenges are at a tipping point globally, potentially risking between 0.8-1.7 billion lives from rising sea levels and severe heatwaves, along with an economic impact amounting to over 25% loss in GDP by the year 2100. In this context, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has announced the launch of the “BCG Center for Sustainable Earth”, a Climate and Sustainability focused Center in Delhi NCR, serving as a platform for collaborative climate action in India across multiple stakeholders, and guided by an experienced Advisory Council of Global Climate pioneers. The center was inaugurated by Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India.

The BCG Center for Sustainable Earth will stimulate thought leadership and drive innovative action in priority areas, like bringing a sharp focus on AI and technological capabilities to drive climate solutions. Aligned with BCG's commitment to reach Net-Zero climate impact by 2030, the BCG Center for Sustainable Earth will bring together the best of BCG's global expertise and offering to India, to drive climate action and leading change for the future. Along with climate action, the center will also support talent development in India through upskilling, enablement & partnerships with leading Indian academic institutions.

Anirban Mukherjee, Managing Director and Partner, BCG India, said, “India currently constitutes about 6% of global carbon emissions and is growing at around 38%, amongst the highest in the world. If the intensity continues on the current trajectory, India’s emissions are estimated to increase by 11x, making it the 2nd highest emitter by 2050 in BRICs, following China. The BCG Center for Sustainable Earth aims to help achieve the government’s 2030 NDC and 2070 net zero goals, while balancing the energy security and adequacy of our growing economy.”

The center aims to achieve these goals through the following:

1. Dedicated focus on local innovation and India specific issues and solutions, to tackle the urgency and complexity of India's unique position, that of balancing climate challenges against demands of economic growth 

2. Holistic ‘call to action’ approach across Mitigation, Adaptation and Resilience:

  • Create practical and implementable initiatives by adopting an approach customized to the Indian context
  • Bring Climate experts on ground and work with industry and the government to deliver deep technical capabilities, focusing on priority topics for the country (e.g. Transition to Net Zero, Adaptation & Resilience, Circularity and Transforming land, water & food systems)

3. Unique ecosystem of partnerships:

  • Build on BCG's extensive Global partnerships and Alliances such as WEF, WWF, First Movers Coalition and Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, CDP, to deploy best practices and enable collaboration and innovation across a wide spectrum of Indian climate stakeholders 
  • Learnings from our seat-at-the-table at marquee events like COP26, WEF forums enable the Center to serve as a focal point for partners to gather and exchange ideas

4. Best-in-class digital & analytical capabilities to drive innovation

  • Facilitate research and data-led problem solving
  • Serve as a testbed to develop solutions real-time

5. Innovative technology showcase

  • The Center will act as a space to demonstrate, showcase and test cutting-edge tools and technologies from across the globe
  • It will also be a platform to mentor and guide start-ups focused on clean tech

To know more about the Center click here.

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