Harnessing the Power of AI in Greece: Embarking on the Path to Value

Chryssos Kavounides Markos Giakoumelos Evdokia Kaffe

This report depicts the Greek AI landscape and compiles best practices and experiences into a structured guide for organizations that wish to get started with AI. Even though there are multiple examples of AI application in Greece, companies still don’t harness its full power, as they could follow a more strategic and structured approach which would help them benefit across their value chain. To get the most impact out of AI, companies need to develop a portfolio of use cases and a road map for implementing them. Use cases should be developed with a structured approach and piloted before investments in industrialization are made. Agile ways of working are crucial because they facilitate better decisions, faster development, and better products. Organizations also need to focus on certain enablers needed for scale. They include not only technology, but also data governance and people capabilities. AI technologies have unlimited potential for solving business problems and driving growth. Today, we are just at the beginning of this digital journey. Before long, it will be difficult to imagine a world without AI.