FinTech Control Tower by BCG

Our powerful, global fintech platform draws on proprietary data tools, the latest market intelligence, and BCG’s expertise to help clients uncover opportunities and execute on their fintech agenda.

The financial technology industry’s meteoric growth has led to one record-breaking year after another for funding and valuations. Financial institutions have made fintech a priority, technology companies have made it a target, and adjacent industries have begun to tap into fintech’s power. It can be hard to keep up with or to parse the overabundance of industry information to spot key players, trends, growth areas, and fintech investment opportunities.

The FinTech Control Tower by BCG is a platform that provides comprehensive insights by combining the best of BCG’s research, analytics, and subject-matter expertise. The platform makes it easier for organizations of all types to understand today’s global fintech market. Companies at every stage of their open innovation journey can use the FinTech Control Tower to drive their own research and insights. Investors and experienced fintech players can take advantage of customized research and our fintech consulting services to enhance their strategies and determine their next moves.

How Our FinTech Control Tower Works

The FinTech Control Tower combines our data and analytics, consulting, and research expertise into a package of services that can scale up to suit a client’s needs. It has two main components:

  • An Insights Platform. Digital tools let subscribers conduct their own research to identify and compare industry players, trace funding transactions and other connections among companies, analyze market trends, and read BCG’s research reports. These proprietary tools include the Atlas Search Navigator for classifying fintechs across technology, business, and product lines and drilling down into precise subcategories; Smart Visualize for creating dynamic maps, trend charts, and other data visualizations; and the Fintech Profile Pages for diving deep into startups’ partnerships, use cases, and financials.
  • Research and Strategy. Clients with more advanced needs can get customized research intelligence and work with our fintech consultants directly. We provide insights into underlying market drivers as well as guidance on scouting out, vetting, and forming partnerships or executing fintech investments. With the FinTech Control Tower, clients can accelerate their innovation and growth strategies, identify future opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage.

These services are made possible by our global knowledge base of more than 27,000 global fintech, insurtech, and regtech companies. It is powered by our team of fintech consulting experts, our network of industry experts and founders, and our partnerships with data providers and regional associations. A scalable architecture then streamlines the information, making it simple for users to build and edit data sets while also ensuring that information is secure.

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FinTech Control Tower by BCG