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Demand Planning in Health Care

Health care systems around the world are dealing with the same complex challenge: ensuring they evolve their resource planning capabilities to meet future demand with minimal waste in an era of changing health care models, emerging technologies, and rising costs. CARE by BCG helps them plan for their needs today and well into the future.

Many health care systems have found it difficult to make optimal allocation decisions that take real-time capacity into account. COVID-19 made a bad problem worse, as many hospitals and health systems found themselves unable to handle the sudden rise in demand.

That’s why we designed CARE (Capacity and Resource Excellence) by BCG, a data-driven program that leverages artificial intelligence and state of the art analytics to help integrated hospital networks (IHNs) and governments optimize their health care resources for a wide range of scenarios. CARE by BCG ensures that the right mix and quantity of resources are in the right place at the right time. The result: more efficiency, greater accessibility, and lower costs in normal and extraordinary times alike.

How the CARE by BCG Demand Planning in Health Care Program Works

At the heart of the program is a customizable cloud-based software-as-a-service tool that hospitals, networks, and governments can use to optimize resource allocation, utilization, and performance within and across facilities. Specific use cases include:

  • Highlighting gaps between existing resources and future needs
  • Acquiring an in-depth understanding of demand and implications on the supply of existing health care resources (such as workforce, equipment, and facilities)
  • Identifying bottlenecks that increase waiting times in the system
  • Conducting cost-benefit analyses of future health care initiatives
  • Modelling scenarios to meet unanticipated surges in demand (such as COVID-19 surge analysis)

The tool, however, does not operate in a vacuum. The broader CARE by BCG program has governance built in to empower the various stakeholders, identify optimization levers, and get a transformational program in place. It also helps measure health care personnel and hospital productivity by identifying opportunities to standardize workflows and reduce waste.

Designed to regularly collect information on the present and future needs of health care systems’ operational capabilities, CARE by BCG ensures that policy decisions are based on high-quality, accessible data. It also safeguards data privacy and security, which is critical to building and maintaining trust with patients.

But none of these pieces can work without the right people in place. The CARE by BCG program helps train key employees so that they can use the latest technologies to perform the required assessments and optimization exercises.

What Makes the CARE by BCG Program Unique

Most capacity and demand planning approaches determine resource needs using historical demand and supply data. The CARE by BCG health care capacity planning tool uses real-time as well as historical data to simulate future demand. It’s capable of analyzing more than 30 real-time data inputs—catchment populations, disease prevalence rates, the evolution of disease spread, and more—and running scenarios with more than 40 configurable parameters (disease prevalence rates, referral patterns, average length of stay for particular diseases, and so on).

CARE by BCG in Action

CARE by BCG has helped health care systems improve access to care with existing resources while also pinpointing bottlenecks and identifying additional resources for COVID-19 patients.

Improving Service Delivery in Health Care while Lowering Costs

Boosting Access to Services

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