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Bold Advances in Health Care

Pfizer’s Digital Transformation

Chief Digital and Technology Officer Lidia Fonseca explains how Pfizer is leveraging digital and data across the value chain and the biggest wins so far.

Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems, and Services

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BCG-WEF Project: Digital Health Care Transformation

While digital, data, and AI have extraordinary potential to revolutionize our global health care systems, they have yet to deliver a transformative impact. How can the public and private sectors accelerate progress?

Medical Devices and Technology

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Medtech’s Path to a Circular Future

Most environmental waste generated by the health care sector comes from medtech products. For a sector focused on improving quality of life, reducing waste and greenhouse gases is imperative.

Medtech’s Generative AI Opportunity

The technology has a range of uses in medtech, and the main challenge is knowing how and where to start. Here are 60 ways to generate quick wins.

Global Health

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Addressing Challenges at the Intersection of Climate and Health

BCG conducted a study of more than 70 organizations—including philanthropies, multilateral development banks, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, private sector actors, and others—to understand how key stakeholders are approaching the climate-health challenge.

Human Health Depends on Planetary Health

Too often is it taken for granted that the environment is a massive determinant of human well-being. Putting health at the center of our climate discussions is critical.

Sideways image of a people-moving conveyor belt with social distancing marks

Reimagining Global Health After the Coronavirus

What has worked, what can be improved, and what needs to be reimagined so that we are better prepared for the next pandemic and better able to improve health in the world’s poorest nations?

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