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Rethinking Pharma’s Commercial Model

BCG’s new data-driven, high-efficiency model allows sales reps to offer health care providers a personalized sales experience—unlocking tremendous shareholder value.

New Drug Modalities 2023

BCG’s new annual report identifies the modalities that are progressing most rapidly and those that hold the greatest promise for patient outcomes and company revenues.

Bold Advances in Health Care

Health Care Payers, Providers, Systems, and Services

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Doing More with Less in Health Care

Some of BCG's best advice to help provider, payer, biopharma, and medtech executives address the challenges and changes affecting the health care sector.

Investing in the People of the Public Health System |Rectangle

Investing in the People of the Public Health System

Lessons learned during COVID-19 present an opportunity to improve the US public health system. Expanding practitioners’ capacities in decision-making, communication, and working with data is a critical step.

Medical Devices and Technology

Medtech’s Generative AI Opportunity

The technology has a range of uses in medtech, and the main challenge is knowing how and where to start. Here are 60 ways to generate quick wins.

MedTech’s Green Moment Is Here

Medical technology companies play a big part in health care’s carbon emissions problem, both at the patient and provider levels. Fortunately, these firms can reduce their footprint affordably.

Global Health

Sideways image of a people-moving conveyor belt with social distancing marks

Reimagining Global Health After the Coronavirus

What has worked, what can be improved, and what needs to be reimagined so that we are better prepared for the next pandemic and better able to improve health in the world’s poorest nations?

The Future of Digital Health | rectangle

The Future of Digital Health

Experts across BCG and BCG X talk about the trends and opportunities that lie ahead for the digital health care market.

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